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Doug Walker

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Making Your Home Office Work

July 16, 2018 Doug Walker
  I love my morning commute. Fill up my coffee cup in the kitchen and walk 20 feet to my office. No stop signs, no red lights, and no traffic. I'm ready to start my day stress-free.
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Mindset, Responsibility, and Empowerment

July 10, 2018 Doug Walker
  It drives me crazy when I meet people who have a litany of excuses for their failures, especially when these are of the "not my fault" type.
Those who make such excuses seem to fail...
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Finding a Second in Command

July 02, 2018 Doug Walker
If all goes well in your business, you will reach the point when you to decide to share your leadership responsibilities with another person. How do you find such a person? What do they do? Can...
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Core values  - Your company's personality and culture

June 24, 2018 Doug Walker
  I often meet with business owners who are looking for help developing a growth strategy or improving weak performance. When I tell them we should start by reviewing their company's Core Values,...
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Getting and Keeping the Right People

June 10, 2018 Doug Walker
  These days many business owners struggle to find capable employees when they need them, let alone finding those who will become great, highly motivated team players. The solution is...
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Pricing: Magic or Rationality?

May 29, 2018 Doug Walker
  How to price your products or services is a topic that never seems to be resolved. Although frustrating, this is reasonable because all businesses are subject to the basic laws of supply and...
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