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Focus on your business journey, not just your destination

January 22, 2018 Doug Walker
  We've all heard the advice that travelers should enjoy the journey, not just the destination. I think this same advice holds in business. We don't   build a business   just to sell it or give...
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Advisory Boards: Who And How

January 14, 2018 Doug Walker

Advisory Boards Part 2: Who and How

Who should be part of my Advisory Board?

Advisory Board members should bring skills that complement your own, filling gaps in functional areas such as strategy,...

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Advisory Boards: What, Why, and When

January 03, 2018 Doug Walker
What is an Advisory Board?
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Achieving Your Business Goals for 2018 Starts With Knowing What They Are

December 18, 2017 Doug Walker

As the year end approaches, we can reflect on our business performance during 2017 and imagine what 2018 will bring. Both reflection and looking ahead are more meaningful if we have benchmarks...

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The Importance of Exit Interviews

November 28, 2017 John Boudreau

 In a recent article titled “A Small Business Owner’s Guide to Exit Interviews” (October 2, 2017) published in the National Federation Of Independent Business, Alexa Mencia writes that “Exit...

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Dancing with the Devil: Cooperating with Competitors

November 27, 2017 Doug Walker
Have you ever had to pass on a business opportunity because you didn't have the time or capacity to undertake it alone? Did you consider approaching one of your competitors to see if they wanted...
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