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More or Better?

August 11, 2015 Clemens Rettich


More, or better?

In an ideal world those two are not mutually exclusive. In fact they should be mutually reinforcing.

It doesn't work like that. In the real world.

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Listening: Management in a Louder World

July 05, 2015 Clemens Rettich


Almost everything that matters in business starts with listening. Marketing campaigns; HR and operating procedures; the future direction of your organization: it all starts with listening.

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Business Resolution - Start

June 28, 2015 Clemens Rettich

 Resolution: a measure of the sharpness of an image or of the fineness with which a device can produce or record such an image.

Focus. Resolve. Act.

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Growing The Ultimate Small Business

June 09, 2015 Clemens Rettich

 When we first start a business we are that business's most valuable asset. We are chef, cook, and bottle-washer. 

If we grow things right, the business becomes our most valuable asset.


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