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The Employer As Covenant Partner

employer as covenant partner

 What gives you the right to expect ‘more’ from your employees?

When you provide only the very basics on your side of the relationship as the employer, how can you expect more than the very basics from your employees?

If all you give me is money, all you get is my hands. I'll leave my heart at home. If you want my heart and my head, you’ll have to put yours on the table too.

Brett Simons has written another excellent and thoughtful piece. This one explores Enabling Covenantal Relationships. Brett writes:

"Unless and until you are willing to hold yourself accountable for performing your own job with distinction, walking the talk your employees value, and genuinely caring for those you’ve been given the privilege to lead, you will never master covenant leadership. You are not entitled to partnership; you earn partnership by first providing it to others."

This passage struck me. There is a ‘premium’ relationship possible between employee and employer, and it is the employer's responsibility to earn that. We know true engagement (head, heart, and hands) results in measurably better returns for the employer. Brett drives home that the employer as covenant partner has a responsibility to build this by understanding, connecting, and acting on the values of the employee (and the organization) .

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This is a short article, and well worth the read, especially if you are wondering why your employees are just 'phoning it in' every day.

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