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Why should I buy from you?

September 24, 2018 Doug Walker
  This question is one of the most basic challenges faced by business owners. While you may rarely be asked it directly by a potential customer, a clear and defensible answer is one of the most...
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Making Mantra In Your Business

September 24, 2018 John Boudreau

In the world of Vision and Mission statements these days the emphasis is on being specific, clear and short. Examples of this emphasis are seen in Ikea’s Vision statement: “To create a better...

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Multi-tasking rots your brain!

September 10, 2018 Doug Walker
  Don't just take my word for it, check out   this research   done by scientists at Stanford University, or  this summary   that warns of reduced efficiency, fatigue, and permanent cognitive...
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Taking A Clarity Break - Get Your Head Into The Leadership Space

September 09, 2018 John Boudreau

Many business owners and leaders that I talk with often express that they have too much on their plate. The word “overwhelmed” comes up in their conversation. They are constantly juggling...

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The Importance of Clear Mandates

August 29, 2018 Doug Walker

Much has been said about "getting the right people in the right seat", by business writers such as Jim Collins (Good to Great) and Gino Wickman (Traction). An important part of that message is the...

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When recruiting hire for attitude, train for skills

August 22, 2018 John Boudreau

The pros and cons of the above statement have been argued over the years, but even if you are a company that requires a high level of skill in an employee (i.e. accountant, engineer), people with...

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