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Doug Walker

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Multi-tasking rots your brain!

September 10, 2018 Doug Walker
  Don't just take my word for it, check out   this research   done by scientists at Stanford University, or  this summary   that warns of reduced efficiency, fatigue, and permanent cognitive...
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The Importance of Clear Mandates

August 29, 2018 Doug Walker

Much has been said about "getting the right people in the right seat", by business writers such as Jim Collins (Good to Great) and Gino Wickman (Traction). An important part of that message is the...

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Beware the Two-Headed Monster - Partners in Business

August 16, 2018 Doug Walker
  Many businesses are started by couples or partners. They tackle challenges together and share operational responsibilities as the company grows. As business complexity increases the partners...
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Retaining Millennials

August 10, 2018 Doug Walker
  Recently I came across yet another article about how Millennials should be treated so that they don't lose interest and quit. I hadn't read one for a while, because I've never accepted the...
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From Vision to Success

July 31, 2018 Doug Walker
                       Vision x Communication = Inspiration
                       Inspiration x Empowerment = Success
Two simple equations, both self-evident. So why do so few...
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Making Your Home Office Work

July 16, 2018 Doug Walker
  I love my morning commute. Fill up my coffee cup in the kitchen and walk 20 feet to my office. No stop signs, no red lights, and no traffic. I'm ready to start my day stress-free.
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