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Finding Your Next New Customer


We were in a discussion in our network group the other day about how do you get that next new customer? There were many good suggestions from being active on social media, having an easy to find website with calls to action, attending meetings and network events, and many more alternatives.

At the end, we came to the realization that there is no one path to success. You need to be proactive in many different ways and resources.

But to start there are 2 very important things to focus on. Your Vision of where you want to take your company and your ideal customer to get your there. Your Vision should reflect your values and why you do what you do. As Simon Sinek states, “People don’t buy what you do; they buy why you do it. And what you do simply proves what you believe.”

Your Vision should be on your website, videos, and other forms of media to not only attract potential customers but also employees and suppliers. If they can feel and identify with your Vision, you will not only attract qualified potential customers, employees and suppliers, but also retain them longer. 

So, whom are you trying to attract as an ideal customer? According to Seth Godin, here's what defines an ideal customer: “A customer who wants your products. A customer who has the ability to pay for the product. A customer who has the authority to purchase your product.”

A customer analysis (sometimes called a customer profile or target market analysis) is a critical section of a company's business plan or marketing plan. It identifies ideal target customers, ascertains the needs of these customers, and then specifies how the product satisfies these needs.

Building your ideal customer profile with clear answers to questions like why they buy what they buy, where they buy it, where do they live on social media, what is their biggest need, etc., are very important to build marketing programs, sales strategies and client acquisition programs.

How do you find the answers to these and many more customer needs questions? Face to face discussions with customers, networking, surveys, product testing and basically communicating with them in an inquisitive manner to understand their real customer needs. Once that you have connected with your ideal customers and understand their needs, then you can specify how your products/services satisfy those needs.

The pre-sales part of the sales process is done via the internet these days, so you need a strong and clear presence. But whether you are selling online to new customers or “face to face”, you need to clearly understand the needs of your ideal customer first, build a strong relationship with them next and then answer their needs with your products and/or services where applicable.

It is called relationship building and it is the foundation of building your business after finding your next customer.

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