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#SMBFUNCHAT - A Small Business Fundamentals Chat on Twitter

As another way of supporting small businesses, I host a Twitter Chat called Small Business Fundamentals or #smbfunchat in Twitter-ese.

What is a Twitter Chat and how does it work?

A Twitter Chat is an online gathering of people interested in a shared topic and learning from each other. The technical key to a Twitter Chat is the #hashtag. By using a hashtag (like #custserve or #blogchat) everyone participating in the chat is able to follow the thread of the conversation.

The mechanism of a Twitter chat is simple:

  • A moderator sets a subject (e.g. the fundamentals of running a small business), a time (like say 7:00 AM Pacific), and a hashtag (a good one might be #smbfunchat)
  • At the set time people log onto Twitter through the Twitter.com website, Hootsuite, Tweetdeck, or a mobile Twitter app.
  • Once you are logged on, run a search for the hashtag, and… boom you feel like you have just walked into a packed room at a convention with everyone talking at once.

To Participate in a Tweet Chat

These are very basic instructions. If you are new to Twitter and need to get up to speed, I suggest enrolling in my Twitter Bootcamp.

  1. Log on to your Twitter account or Twitter client (e.g. Hootsuite or Tweetdeck)
  2. If you are on the Twitter web site go to search and type in the name of the chat (in our case #smbfunchat) -or-
  3. If you are on a Twitter client, create a new column using a search (again #smbfunchat)
  4. To participate in the chat, just jump in mid-stream, start reading and start posting.
  5. If it is an extremely popular chat, certain Twitter clients will make the conversation flow down the screen too fast to read. Consider using a client that allows you to pick when the feed refreshes so you can read a whole page of contributions, post some responses and contributions, and then hit ‘refresh’.
  6. To post to the chat you must use the hashtag (#smbfunchat) somewhere in your tweet. If you don’t use the hashtag, no one else in the chat will see your post.

Why Participate In A Tweet Chat?

  • Learn. Most of the people on any Twitter Chat are dead serious (yet a lot of fun) about their subject. I learn a ton every time I participate in one.
  • Grow your network. By definition a Twitter Chat will assemble people who share the same passions you do. These are natural people to connect with, follow, like… and no doubt they will do the same!
  • Develop your thinking. By engaging in conversation with others who are knowledgeable you will have a chance to float ideas, ask questions, suggest approaches and get very high quality feedback.

What is #smbfunchat?

#SMBFUNCHAT is a Twitter Chat for the owners and managers of small to medium size businesses, and the professionals that support them. That latter group includes, accountants, lawyers, bookkeepers, marketing and advertising people, social media specialists, coaches and consultants.

We will chat about anything that supports the success of a small business, improves profit, and increases the fun factor. The building blocks are conversations about finance, marketing, people & human resources, and operations. But beyond that we will support each other on a myriad of other topics, in fact as many topics as you can find in this blog and more!

So how do I get involved in #smbfunchat?

  • Join us at 1100 – 1200 PDT every second Monday on Twitter and search for #smbfunchat. You’re in!
  • We meet at the same time every 2 weeks. Check the LinkedIn group for dates and updates.
  • Join the LinkedIn group #smbfunchat to connect with other LinkedIn professionals with an interest in Small Business Fundamentals.

See you on Twitter on Monday morning!

I work with business to redesign their futures help them become what they were intended to be in that initial vision… Want more out of your business? Contact me. From my home base on Vancouver Island, I provide planning and coaching support to businesses across Canada.

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