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Serving Your Vision - The Universe Is Not On Your Side

in serving your vision everything in your business is your responsibility

While help comes from many places, the success of your business is yours to leverage into place with your own hands.

Your customers won't do it (no matter how delighted they are), time won't do it, the 'universe' won't do it. Not even your team (your employees and supporters) will do it, though they are the best help you will have.

Time is not against you. The universe is not against you. They are not on your side because they are not on anyone's side. Nothing personal.

You are on your side. The vision is yours. The courage to execute is yours. The courage to disappoint others is yours.

In many moments we have a choice. We can choose to serve our vision, or we can choose not to disappoint others. For many of us it feels impossible to separate the two. From our upbringings, to the language of customer service and management ("paying your dues"), we are trained to see making others happy as evidence we are doing things right.

Nothing could be further from the truth. None of those things is the same as serving your vision. More often than we are comfortable with, serving our vision means disappointing someone else.

If you want to be successful, serving your vision cannot be confused with making others happy.

Serving our vision requires three things:

  1. Being clear about our values; being absolutely clear about our purpose and the value we bring to the market.
  2. Having a vision; not a rough idea, a vision. A picture with brilliant colours and sharp edges. You need a vision poured in concrete around the foundations and rebar of your values. Dare to have a vision that is uncomfortably bigger than you. If we aren't a bit scared of the scope of it, we won't serve it. We can't serve that which isn't greater than us.
  3. Spending time daily, weekly, and monthly checking and rechecking our choices and strategies against the vision. Ask the question: "Am I doing this because I am afraid of disappointing someone, or am because it serves the vision?" Then do the right thing: serve the vision.

The universe is not against us, but neither is it on our side. Time is not against us, but it is running out. It's nothing personal.

It's our task alone to build something from the void.

When the vision we serve is rooted in our values and sense of purpose, what we have is sufficient. When we have the courage and clarity to align our actions and choices with our vision, what we have is sufficient. When we have these things we are effective, efficient, and resilient. We have a fair chance, in a time and in a universe that are not on our side.

There are other things people believe, that are in fact destructive of business success.
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