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Pretending Everyone In The Room is Naked Doesn't Work

January 10, 2014 Clemens Rettich

In my classical music days, I did research for a paper on stage fright. It can be debilitating for some performers who otherwise are brilliant musicians. In more extreme cases medication can be...

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The Exit - A Business Communication Game

December 25, 2013 Clemens Rettich

 We spend our life waiting for cues.

It’s all about trying to get the timing right. We look for cues to speak our turn, to ask for a raise, to lean in for a kiss…

Act too soon and it sends the...

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The Oracle - A Business Communication Game

December 23, 2013 Clemens Rettich

In the movie Being There, Peter Sellers, in his last major role, plays Chance the Gardener, a dim-witted gardener who through a series of accidents ends up being seen as a sage with answers to...

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Listening is a Contact Sport

March 03, 2013 Clemens Rettich


Being a great listener is no more about collecting information than being a great communicator is about having a big vocabulary

A great listener not only hears what is being said but treats...

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