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Entrepreneurship Is Not About Work-Life Balance

April 27, 2016 Clemens Rettich

 There is no balance.

When we seek work-life balance we are seeking that doesn't exist and wouldn't be good enough if it did.

Metaphors are powerful. They can change how we think. We use metaphors...

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More or Better?

August 11, 2015 Clemens Rettich


More, or better?

In an ideal world those two are not mutually exclusive. In fact they should be mutually reinforcing.

It doesn't work like that. In the real world.

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The Amateur Myth: Do What You Love

March 24, 2015 Clemens Rettich

 In our culture we equate amateur with "less than fully competent." The implication is if you aren't making money at it, you must not be any good. Your passion is admirable; but it's just a hobby.

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Yes Let's! A Leadership Habit

January 08, 2014 Clemens Rettich

 Saying yes is a frame of mind. It is an approach to life, creativity, and leadership.

Say yes until you have to say no. In everything. That is a a powerful leadership habit.

Even in sales, it is...

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