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Achieving Your Organization’s BHAG

February 12, 2018 John Boudreau

BHAG - Big Hairy Audacious Goal – “a strategic business statement similar to a vision statement which is created to focus an organization on a single medium-long term organization-wide goal which...

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Focus on your business journey, not just your destination

January 22, 2018 Doug Walker
  We've all heard the advice that travelers should enjoy the journey, not just the destination. I think this same advice holds in business. We don't   build a business   just to sell it or give...
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Serving Your Vision - The Universe Is Not On Your Side

July 15, 2014 Clemens Rettich

While help comes from many places, the success of your business is yours to leverage into place with your own hands.

Your customers won't do it (no matter how delighted they are), time won't do...

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Strategic Planning for Small Businesses

September 07, 2013 Clemens Rettich

"If I start walking from anywhere in North America and keep walking in a straight line until I hit an ocean, is there a possibility I will encounter the Grand Canyon along the way?"  That was a...

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